Team Tronics, Built by the community for the community. We give our community knowledge about TRON via telegram and twitter, and everything built upon the Blockchain. We aim to drive adoption and awareness of TRON, and grow a community that is part of TRON's success. 


Team TRONICS will build an educated, interactive, inclusive community. An ecosystem where fellow Tronics will be rewarded for their participation in organized events and online learning. 


Team TRONICS aims to become the most trans-formative leadership community.

Purpose of Voting

Vote for stability
Vote for community growth
Vote for adoption
Vote for awareness
Vote for decentralization
Vote for dapp growth
Vote for education
Vote for the future of TRON
Vote for Team Tronics

Supported Wallets

Tron Wallet

Tron Wallet 

TRONWALLET is a secure p2p crypto wallet and exchange for TRON (TRX). iOS App Store,  Google Play and Android. Download TronWallet Play for Desktop Now.

Tron Society Vision Wallet

Tron Society Vision Wallet

Vision is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker with an Integrated Multi-Chain Wallet that helps you get a live overview of your finances and automatically synchronize your wallet with it, but Vision is so much more than just a Portfolio or a Wallet, what other features it has, you will learn now.

Humming Pay
 Currently adding Expansion Partnerships.

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